Tom Bradley features Boone Hospital’s Wound Healing Center

May 30, 2012

Check out this recent radio interview featuring Boone Hospital’s Wound Healing Center. Thanks to The Eagle and Tom Bradley for inviting Dr. Kim Jamison and nurse Kim Mitchell on the show to discuss how the Wound Healing Center helps people recover from potentially debilitating wounds.

If you’d like to schedule an initial evaluation of your wound, please call 573-815-3612.

Saving a leg — Wound center spares Brookfield woman from amputation

February 27, 2011

There is a scar along Barb Winlund’s right leg. It starts on her thigh and runs all the way down to her ankle.

In a way, the scar is a document of Barb’s years of struggle with peripheral artery disease. It tells the story of multiple surgeries, physical pain and wounds that resisted healing.

But when Barb looks at the scar on her leg, she doesn’t see a symbol of pain and disease. Rather, the leg tells a story of healing.

“To me, it’s not a badge of courage or honor,” said Barb, of Brookfield. “To me, I just look at how much was left open and now it’s closed.”

Wound clinic patient Barb Winlund stands beside the hypebaric oxygen chambers that helped save her leg.

There was a time when it seemed Barb would lose her right leg altogether. This news came in 2010, after more than a year of procedures to place and repair grafts related to her peripheral artery disease.

In July of 2010, a test of the oxygen level in the tissue in Barb’s leg measured just 23 on a scale where a reading of 40 indicates that a wound has a good chance of healing.

At that point, amputation seemed almost assured. “I was told by my surgeons that there would be a point where I couldn’t stand the pain anymore and they would need to amputate my leg,” she said.

Her husband, Jim, remembers how he felt after hearing that news.

“That was just the scariest thing in my life so far,” he said.

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A healing touch — Boone’s wound center shows amazing results

February 27, 2011

Diane Holmes watches as the nurse slowly unwraps the bandage on her right leg. As the bandage loosens, a small wound — about the size of a fingernail — is revealed on her ankle.

Christina Russell, RN, unwraps a bandage covering a wound on Diane Holmes' leg

The wound has healed greatly way since Holmes’s first visit here, to the Boone Hospital Center Wound Healing Center.

“You guys have been so wonderful to me,” said Holmes, 64. “Dr. Jamison, she is wonderful and I have the highest praise for all of the staff here.”

The wound happened last May. Holmes was helping remove a large Maple tree from her front yard at her home near Paris, Mo. While it was a nice tree, Holmes disliked all the helicopter-like seeds that fell into her flowerbeds each spring.

“I was forever pulling up little maple trees and trying to get them out of there,” she said.

After the tree was cut down, Holmes was helping split the wood. One large log proved too big for the splitter and laid in the yard as they worked. At one point, Holmes went into her house to get a glass of water for the man running the chainsaw.

As she brought the water out, she passed by the large log, which suddenly rolled over and slammed into her right leg, above her ankle.

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