Our Maternal Child Health team is looking for a new member.

April 18, 2014

At Boone Hospital Center we stress the importance of building a strong team that will support, encourage and challenge you to be your best.

Cindy Bracht, Megan Perry and Jody Miller

Cindy Bracht, Megan Perry and Jody Miller

Cindy Bracht, Megan Perry and Jody Miller each play their roles within Maternal Child Health and understand the importance of working together.

“You have to have a good team base,” Jody says. “We’re a very close unit. We are like a family.”

In addition to building internal relationships, our nurses enjoy providing compassionate and thorough care to our tiniest patients and their mothers.

“We are a very happy place. Being able to be a part of someone’s starting a new family is amazing,” Jody says.

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A new mother’s gratitude: “Thank you for saving our baby”

December 6, 2013

By Kyndal Riffie

Kyndal, of Columbia, shared this story via the online submission form. Click here to share your story.

I was 32.5 weeks pregnant and at Boone Hospital, where I work, on an ordinary Monday when my coworker Nancy Schuenemeyer emailed me to ask how I was feeling.

Baby Caz

Baby Caz

I was feeling a little “off” that morning and thought my son’s kicks weren’t happening as often. But since I had just finished a very busy weekend, I thought it was due more to my inattentiveness than to anything bad.

Throughout the day, Nancy continued to check on me and encouraged me to call my doctor or go to Labor and Delivery to get checked out. Near the end of the workday, I reluctantly went with her to L&D for fetal monitoring.

Nancy knew I was refusing to call my husband since I thought I was overreacting, so she stayed with me for over two hours. In the end, my son had to be delivered that night, almost 7 1/2 weeks early and he was very, very sick. Without Nancy’s urging, I would have gone home that night — and who knows what would have happened?

When baby Caz was born, he spent a month in the Intensive Care Nursery being cared for by the most amazing doctors and staff. We literally trusted them with our son’s life and even though that was a very scary month, I am grateful for the time we spent getting to know his caregivers. These doctors and staff may spend their days and nights in a locked unit most people don’t ever see, but they all deserve to be recognized for the excellent care they provide.

Finally, I more fully understand what “The Boone Family” means. While Caz was cared for by the ICN staff, I was cared for by my fellow employees. Not a day went by where someone at Boone didn’t make sure my husband and I were okay.

From one staff member to many others, thank you for saving our baby. Thank you for making my family and I feel a part of the Boone Family. I can’t imagine getting to work with a better group of people.

One day, two special gifts

October 9, 2013

By Jacob Luecke

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Shauna Stafford was expecting an exciting day on the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 8, as she arrived at Boone Hospital Center to give birth to her first child.

But she only knew half of what was coming that day.

Bruce Gilbert and Shauna Stafford with their daughter, Kinsley Taylor.

Bruce Gilbert and Shauna Stafford with their daughter, Kinsley Taylor.

Just before 2 p.m., she and boyfriend Bruce Gilbert welcomed their daughter, Kinsley Taylor. She is a perfect baby, weighing 8 pounds, .08 ounces. She is 22 inches long.

Shortly after Kinsley’s birth, Bruce put his plan into action.

He had secretly packed an engagement ring in his hospital bag. He wanted his new daughter to help him pop the question.

Bruce’s cousin had made a special onesie for Kinsley emblazoned with the phrase “Mommy, Will you marry my Daddy?” Attached to the onesie is a sentimental toy ring the couple won on a trip earlier in their relationship.

“After we had our baby, I told our nurse what would happen and asked her if she could help us get the onesie on,” Bruce said. “She said, ‘Oh yeah, definitely.”

When their nurse, Marla Owen, RN, took Kinsley out of the room for standard testing, she dressed the newborn in the special onesie. She then swaddled Kinsley for scrub tech Tami Held to bring back to her mother.

When Shauna unswaddled her daughter, it took her a moment to understand what was happening — then she saw Bruce down on one knee.

DSC_0036“I read it, but it didn’t quite click, then I saw my whole family standing up with cameras. And he’s down on the floor crying, and I just covered my face and bawled like a baby,” she said.

She said yes.

One day later, Shauna said it was certainly a day to remember.

“It was very eventful,” she said. “It’s a day we won’t forget.”

The couple plans to take their time with wedding planning and just enjoy the moment with their new family. Kinsley also has a half brother, age five.

Shauna and Bruce said their care at the Boone Family Birthplace was great, especially the nurse who helped Bruce carry out his proposal plan.

“Marla is awesome,” Bruce said. “She went above and beyond.”

Marla said she enjoyed being part of their doubly special day.

“I have never experienced anything like that. It was so cool,” she said. “They are just a sweet fun couple and the whole family is amazing. It was just so happy.”

Mother of five: “They made each and every one of my birth experiences special!”

August 23, 2013

By Heather Shay

Heather, of Boonville, shared this story via myBoone Health submission form. Click here to share your story.

Heather ShayI have nothing but good things to say about Boone Family Birthplace! I have had five babies there and the experience with all five has been amazing.

My oldest son was born there in 2002! He spent a week in the NICU where he received lots of loving care by the best nurses! As hard as it was to leave him there, I knew he was in the best hands! They did an amazing job making sure I felt comfortable and always knew what was going on.

In 2008, we welcomed son number two. In 2010, our first daughter joined our family! In 2011, we were once again blessed with amazing care as we had our third boy! Just 12 weeks ago, on May 30, we welcomed our fifth and final baby! Our little girl gave us a little bit of a scare during labor but thanks to Dr. Kevin Jones and the amazing nurses she arrived safely!

I can’t remember all of the nurses names we’ve had over the years but I do know they are all amazing! They made each and every one of my birth experiences special!!

Mother of three to birthplace staff: “Thank you, Boone!”

August 21, 2013

By Jean Davis

Jean, of Columbia, shared this story via myBoone Health submission form. Click here to share your story.

All three of my children have been born at Boone Hospital!  Our oldest was born in 2010 and our twins were born in October 2012.

The delivery staff and nurses were all exceptional, especially with the birth of our twins. My doctor, Sarah Franken, allowed me to deliver our boys naturally, even with one baby being transverse.

When being wheeled to the delivery room the nurses made me feel comfortable and at ease and held one of my hands throughout the delivery. They even took pictures for my husband and I so we could focus on the delivery.

Dr. Franken was confident she could safely deliver my babies and helped me understand what was happening at each point during the delivery.

Our babies arrived healthy and happy!  We owe the smoothness of our delivery to everyone that helped deliver our babies.  Thank you, Boone!

Jean Davis

Mom thanks team that cared for her newborn twins

July 23, 2013


By Bridget Rehagen

Bridget, of Freeburg, shared this story via email. Click here to share your story.

I just want to drop a note to say a BIG thank you to my labor and delivery nurses, Sue and Calla. When I delivered my twins, those two nurses and countless others made my whole delivery experience bearable and wonderful!

There are so many others that were involved in my care that day that I will never get the opportunity to thank, but I wish I could.

My babies spent time in the NICU and I left there every day knowing they were in great hands!

Lastly, my story would not be complete without mentioning my wonderful doctor, Dr. Sarah Franken, to whom I owe the world too! Thank you!

So blessed to have a beautiful baby girl that we love so much!

May 8, 2013

By Brittany Pescaglia

Brittany, of Columbia, shared this story via the myBooneHealth.com online submission form. Click here to share your story.

My husband and I had our little girl, Eliana Grace, at the Boone Family Birthplace. It was such a great experience that we went through.

Eliana Grace

Eliana Grace

We were suppose to be induced on Friday, April 5, 2013, but ended up going in Friday morning. We were discharged that next Monday around lunch time. Our little girl was born on April 6, 2013, at 7:57 a.m.

She weighed 7 pounds, 11.7 ounces and was 20.25 inches long. Through the labor and delivery process we had two of the most AMAZING nurses that I have ever met. Friday morning, when we got to Boone Family Birthplace, our nurse was Rachel. She was so kind and so caring, it made my husband and I feel more comfortable going through this process.

Through the night, we then had Hilary. I felt so relaxed knowing that Rachel (an amazing nurse) was leaving us with another amazing nurse. That next morning Rachel was our nurse again.  So wonderful having the same nurses go through the process with you.

Their words were so encouraging and they made the process so enjoyable. I knew our little girl was going to be in great hands. We also had them during our postpartum care along with some other nurses that were amazing — Sarah and Clare.

Dr. Thies was also so wonderful. I cannot imagine going through this whole entire process without her. She answered all of our questions and concerns when we had them and gave me great confidence in the experience we were about to go through.

I knew that no matter what happened, Dr.Thies would take such great care of both of us. Such a wonderful doctor and such a sweetheart.

All of the other staff during our stay were so kind as well. We are so glad we chose the Boone Family Birthplace and are so blessed to have a beautiful baby girl that we love so much!

National Infertility Awareness Week

April 26, 2013

National Infertility Awareness Week is a time to remember that many couples experience difficulties when starting a family. It’s also a time to raise awareness of the many treatment options available today.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health, about 10 percent of women in the United States between the ages of 15-44 have problems getting pregnant or staying pregnant.

For women, a number of physical issues including blocked fallopian tubes and hormone imbalances can cause problems with ovulation, an essential process in conception.

A woman’s age, diet and lifestyle choices can also contribute to infertility.

Physical, environmental and lifestyle choices can also contribute to infertility in men.

Over the years, a number of effective medical treatments have evolved and are now able to help many couples conceive.

Columbia is actually home to Missouri’s most successful fertility clinic. Boone Hospital’s Dr. Gil Wishire has been serving patients in mid-Missouri since 2006.

To speak to a fertility specialist, contact Boone Hospital’s physician referral service at 573-815-6400.

Hello, Baby! New expo comes to mid-Missouri

April 12, 2013

logo solo

Boone Hospital Center and the Columbia Daily Tribune would like to announce a new arrival coming in June — the first annual Hello, Baby! Expo.

This event will provide expecting families and parents of young children a fun day of education and activities related to pregnancy, childbirth, the first year of life and the many decisions surrounding those events.

The Hello, Baby! Expo will be held 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Saturday, June 15 at the Holiday Inn Expo Center in Columbia.

“Having a child is one of life’s most joyous events and also one of the most complex. There are so many decisions and choices that need to be made,” said Marlee Walz, who directs the Boone Family Birthplace as a director of patient care services. “This will give mid-Missouri a single event where parents can meet experts face to face and have their pressing questions answered.”

The Hello, Baby! Expo will feature speakers and booths sponsored by businesses and organizations from around mid-Missouri. As the event nears and speakers are chosen, more information will be available at www.columbiatribune.com/hellobaby.

“The baby expo concept has been picking up steam across the country, and we’re thrilled to bring this event to mid-Missouri,” said Deborah Marshall, Columbia Daily Tribune Special Project Manager. “We’re certain the community will embrace this new event, which will truly be a celebration of birth and family.”

Centralia family welcomes first Boone Baby of 2013

January 3, 2013
Grayson Masters with his mother, Angella, and father, Chris.

Grayson Masters with his mother, Angella, and father, Chris.

Meet Grayson Masters. He is the first Boone Baby of 2013.

Grayson is the son of Angella and Chris Masters of Centralia. He joins big sister Addison, 2. He was born at 8:09 a.m. on Jan. 2 and weighed 8 pounds and 4.6 ounces.

Grayson is the first baby born at Boone Hospital following a record year for deliveries in 2012. Last year, 2,146 deliveries took place at the Boone Family Birthplace, the most ever recorded.

With multiple births taken into account, there were 2,206 babies delivered at Boone Hospital last year.

Congratulations to the Masters family and the Boone Family Birthplace as we look forward to a great 2013!


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