Five Reasons to Thank Our Nurses


1. Thank you for loving what you do

People seldom think their work is fun. But, our nurses have a genuine passion for their jobs and desire to care for others, which makes coming to work a joyful experience.

Read why registered nurse Marla Jones enjoys her job in Cardiac Rehab.


2. Thank you for your dedication to excellence

With the nurses at Boone Hospital Center, we never have to worry about falling behind. They are continually striving to make Boone Hospital the best. From their dedication to becoming magnet accredited to taking opportunities outside the hospital to learn and grow, it is in the nature of our nursing staff to push themselves to be greater.

Find out how Laura Noren is helping to continually improve Boone Hospital Center.


3. Thank you for your caring attitudes

The general attitude of the nurses at Boone Hospital Center is exceptional. They are always there to greet you with a smile and encouraging word. They create an atmosphere of love and acceptance that makes everyone feel welcome and puts worried minds at ease.

Check out how registered nurse Jeannie Grant went above expectations in caring for her patient, Walt.


4. Thank you for providing quality service

Our nursing staff is committed to meeting expectations and then exceeding them. They treat the people that enter the hospital as if they are their own family members. The hospital can be intimidating, so our nurses are sure to take the time to explain complicated topics and make patients comfortable with their surroundings.

Read about the care one Boone Hospital Center nurse received when she switched roles and became a patient.


5. Thank you for choosing Boone Hospital Center

In a town with many hospitals to choose from, we are honored each time nurses choose Boone Hospital Center as their home. We truly believe we are a family and are thankful for each one of our members.

Find out why registered nurse Lindsey Rock chose Boone Hospital Center.


There are more than just five reasons to thank our nurses; in honor of National Nurses Day we encourage you to think of the impact that a nurse has had on your life. Be sure to thank a nurse today!

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