Randy Morrow honored for service to Boone Hospital

Randy Morrow, Vice President/COO
Lifetime Leadership Achievement Award

In 1975, Randy Morrow joined Boone County Hospital as an accounting manager. In 1993, he became the Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer/Hospital Services, a title which was changed in 2003 to Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He has also served as the hospital’s Interim President on several occasions, most recently in 2013.   

It is impossible to imagine what Boone Hospital Center would be like today without Randy, and it would be nearly as impossible to name all of the contributions he has made that have helped our hospital to grow over the last four decades.     

Randy is a pillar not only for Boone Hospital Center, but our communities as well. He serves on the boards of many community organizations, including Fitzgibbon Hospital, Salvation Army, REDI and Missouri Credit Union, and is active in his church.   

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to include everything that Randy’s colleagues and staff, past and present, had to say about him in the video below, but we think you’ll see how Randy Morrow has definitely made Boone Hospital Center an excellent place to work and to receive health care, and why we’ve honored him with our first-ever Lifetime Leadership Achievement Award.

Thank you and congratulations, Randy!

One Response to Randy Morrow honored for service to Boone Hospital

  1. Melody Mitchell says:

    What a wonderful tribute! He is a wonderful friend! Whenever I have been in the hospital for testing, visiting someone or sitting with a loved one, Randy usually pops in to say hi, how are you. I have never been in another hospital that any leader does this.

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