A blessing of hands — Chaplain blesses caregivers

blessing of hands

Each year, Boone Hospital Center’s Chaplain Chuck Barsamian performs the blessing of hands with the hospital’s caregivers.

“Their hands are very important,” said Barsamian. “These nurses, techs and physicians so willingly give of themselves to the healing of the patients in the hospital.”

Barsamian started doing the blessing of hands at Boone Hospital in 2002. The non-denominational blessing comes from a Christian tradition but has meaning for caregivers of all religions.

Chaplain Chuck Barsamian

Chaplain Chuck Barsamian

During the week, Barsamian goes to each of the hospital’s units and offers the blessing to anyone who is interested.

He said that he believes being a hospital caregiver is a ministry, a calling from the creator.

“I think it’s a divine calling on their lives to be a part of healing, and they give themselves to that,” he said. “I’m fully convinced that God our creator works through these hands.”

The blessing Barsamian uses goes as follows:

May the Creator who formed these hands bless their work to bring healing to all the people you care for. Receive the knowledge that you are His hands, bringing His healing. His gentleness, His compassion, and His love as you go from patient to patient today, and always. Receive this Blessing of Hands as His thanks to you for your faithful service and go in peace to love and serve others.

One Response to A blessing of hands — Chaplain blesses caregivers

  1. Blanka Luedtke (Dekeyzer0 says:

    I am interrested to find out if chaplain Chuck Barsamian ever was a staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ and was a member of the singing group The Forerunners?

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