One day, two special gifts

By Jacob Luecke

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Shauna Stafford was expecting an exciting day on the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 8, as she arrived at Boone Hospital Center to give birth to her first child.

But she only knew half of what was coming that day.

Bruce Gilbert and Shauna Stafford with their daughter, Kinsley Taylor.

Bruce Gilbert and Shauna Stafford with their daughter, Kinsley Taylor.

Just before 2 p.m., she and boyfriend Bruce Gilbert welcomed their daughter, Kinsley Taylor. She is a perfect baby, weighing 8 pounds, .08 ounces. She is 22 inches long.

Shortly after Kinsley’s birth, Bruce put his plan into action.

He had secretly packed an engagement ring in his hospital bag. He wanted his new daughter to help him pop the question.

Bruce’s cousin had made a special onesie for Kinsley emblazoned with the phrase “Mommy, Will you marry my Daddy?” Attached to the onesie is a sentimental toy ring the couple won on a trip earlier in their relationship.

“After we had our baby, I told our nurse what would happen and asked her if she could help us get the onesie on,” Bruce said. “She said, ‘Oh yeah, definitely.”

When their nurse, Marla Owen, RN, took Kinsley out of the room for standard testing, she dressed the newborn in the special onesie. She then swaddled Kinsley for scrub tech Tami Held to bring back to her mother.

When Shauna unswaddled her daughter, it took her a moment to understand what was happening — then she saw Bruce down on one knee.

DSC_0036“I read it, but it didn’t quite click, then I saw my whole family standing up with cameras. And he’s down on the floor crying, and I just covered my face and bawled like a baby,” she said.

She said yes.

One day later, Shauna said it was certainly a day to remember.

“It was very eventful,” she said. “It’s a day we won’t forget.”

The couple plans to take their time with wedding planning and just enjoy the moment with their new family. Kinsley also has a half brother, age five.

Shauna and Bruce said their care at the Boone Family Birthplace was great, especially the nurse who helped Bruce carry out his proposal plan.

“Marla is awesome,” Bruce said. “She went above and beyond.”

Marla said she enjoyed being part of their doubly special day.

“I have never experienced anything like that. It was so cool,” she said. “They are just a sweet fun couple and the whole family is amazing. It was just so happy.”

One Response to One day, two special gifts

  1. Bruce Gilbert says:

    This is and was the best day of my life thanks for everybody’s help involved

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