“Kind, professional and above all caring” — Praise for emergency department nurse

By Molly Aust

Molly, of Columbia, shared this story via email. Click here to share your story.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay in getting this note out to the appropriate person. However, it has been a very difficult time for our family and we can’t move forward with the grieving process without thanking a very special employee at Boone Hospital.

rainbowOn August 7, 2013, our mother and grandmother was brought to the emergency room by ambulance due to what was a life ending stroke. One of the people on duty that morning in the ER was Nick Weston. He was the person primarily in charge of our mother’s care. I have never seen such a compassionate person.

Nick was kind, professional and above all caring. He is truly a patient-centered caregiver. Nick sat and talked with us; he treated our comatose mother like she was awake and knew everything that was going on. He was so gentle when he did hands on procedures such as repositioning her head and wiping her face. I have never seen a health care professional so kind to both her and the rest of our family.

Nick gave us time to be alone but would periodically check to see if we needed anything. He also kept us updated on the preparations of her palliative care room. Our mother had an advanced directive and Dr. Charles Chapman assured us that it was her choice to not receive any specialized care but nonetheless it was horrible for us to let go.

When we left the ER to go to the third floor it was what Nick said that made the move easier. Nick thanked us for making the difficult choices we had to make that horrible morning. It was like he knew our mom and he understood her wishes and what we were going through.

I don’t know what kind of awards you have for employees but Nick deserves special recognition for his work that morning.

Once again thank you.
-The family of Ivah Dean Mohr

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