Mother of five: “They made each and every one of my birth experiences special!”

By Heather Shay

Heather, of Boonville, shared this story via myBoone Health submission form. Click here to share your story.

Heather ShayI have nothing but good things to say about Boone Family Birthplace! I have had five babies there and the experience with all five has been amazing.

My oldest son was born there in 2002! He spent a week in the NICU where he received lots of loving care by the best nurses! As hard as it was to leave him there, I knew he was in the best hands! They did an amazing job making sure I felt comfortable and always knew what was going on.

In 2008, we welcomed son number two. In 2010, our first daughter joined our family! In 2011, we were once again blessed with amazing care as we had our third boy! Just 12 weeks ago, on May 30, we welcomed our fifth and final baby! Our little girl gave us a little bit of a scare during labor but thanks to Dr. Kevin Jones and the amazing nurses she arrived safely!

I can’t remember all of the nurses names we’ve had over the years but I do know they are all amazing! They made each and every one of my birth experiences special!!

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