Improving the health of your community — 2013 Foundation Community Campaign

By Barb Danuser

Barb is the Executive Director of the Boone Hospital Foundation.

Dear Friends,

Barb Danuser

Barb Danuser

The Boone Hospital Foundation continues to grow and expand the services offered at Boone Hospital Center so that the best health care is available to you and your loved one when critical illness strikes.

The Foundation is the connection between philanthropic community members and Boone Hospital Center working to improve the education and health of the communities we serve.

Gifts to the Foundation enrich lives, save lives and transform patient care. Your gifts impact on our community and patients is immeasurable and is put into action by funding items such as:

Download our campaign brochure.

Download our campaign brochure.

• Supplies to provide free health screenings from our Mobile Health Unit. In 2012, this unit made stops in 42 outreach locations, providing screenings to over 1,100 community members.

• Help to support massage therapy to over 1,000 patients in our supportive care program.

• Sleep sacks given to all (2,100) babies born at Boone in 2012 to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

• Lifeline medical alert services provided to 20 qualifying seniors each month, making it safer to stay in their homes.

• The Kids on Track summer program. Nearly 1,100 youth enrolled in the 2013 program committing to run an intermittent marathon over the summer promoting healthy lifestyles for our communities’ youth.

We need your help to continue to build a healthier community and stronger hospital. Won’t you help us support Boone Hospital Center to continue to be a leader in our health care community?

Click here to download our brochure and learn more about giving opportunities.

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