Employee’s service goes well beyond his job title

Jeff Reul’s name badge may say “Diet Tech,” but that job title only scratches the surface of his work at Boone Hospital Center.

Jeff currently serves in four different hospital areas: telecom, central services, the kitchen and the diet office. In all his jobs, he said he strives to make a difference and live out the hospital’s Standards of Excellence.

Jeffrey Reul

Jeffrey Reul

“It is very enriching to the soul to make a positive difference in the life of someone else, even if it is small and fleeting. This is the most enjoyable thing about my work,” he said. “I also love the challenge of working in other departments. It really does make each day unpredictable and exciting. And many of the people I meet and work with I hope will remain my friends forever.”

Jeff was born in Dixon, Ill., later lived in Kirksville and graduated high school in Des Moines. He’s also lived in St. Louis and Chicago. He has four college degrees: BS in Medical Dietetics from Mizzou, BS in Communications and Journalism from Washington University in St. Louis, an associate degree in Creative Writing and a general associate degree from St. Louis Community College.

While he currently keeps very busy in his many roles in the hospital, he enjoys doing photography and writing funny stories when he has time.

He’s also involved in presidential campaigns. He goes to political rallies to take pictures and do interviews. He also sells merchandise for both Democrats and Republicans. In addition, he enjoys movies, comedy clubs, sporting events and traveling.

Jeff said he’s very honored to be named employee of the month and that the honor reflects the great service of his coworkers.

“Boone Hospital is such a wonderful pillar of excellence in the community. So many lives have been enriched by the people that have worked for Boone over the years,” he said. “The best of the best work here. It gives me more of a purpose in life to dedicate my time here.”

One Response to Employee’s service goes well beyond his job title

  1. Sheila says:

    Jeff you ARE a wonderful person and with that outlook you will go where ever you want…

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