For kids and parents, new book hopes to ease separation anxiety

With a new children’s book, a Macon great-grandmother is hoping to ease the separation anxiety that happens when parents have to leave their children in the care of others.

0_0_0_0_250_354_csupload_53558773Author Linda Truit said her book, “My Momma Comes Back,” was inspired by her own family.

“My own daughters and my daughter-in-law, plus every young mom I talk to, say that their first thought when being given their new born to hold after giving birth is ‘How in the world will I ever be able to leave this precious person in the care of someone else,’” Linda said.

The main character in Linda’s book is modeled on her two-year-old great-granddaughter who is cared for at a child care center and by family members while her mother is finishing her college education.

To help the child feel better, her grandmother composed a song called “My Momma Comes Back.” The song became the basis of Linda’s book.

She enlisted the help of other artists and muscians in Macon to create her book and the accompanying recording of the “My Momma Comes Back” song.

Linda is 74 years old, a colorectal cancer survivor and a former heart patient at Boone Hospital Center. She also has seven grandchildren who are Boone Babies.

“I have a multitude of reasons to think that Boone Hospital Center is a life-giving facility,” she said.

The book can be purchased at Linda also has a Facebook page for the book:

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