From the moment patient walked into the hospital “I felt like I mattered”

By Betsy Lowenberg

Betsy, of Moulton, Iowa, shared this story via the online submission form. Click here to share your story.

I went to see Dr. James Pitt on April 18, 2013, for a consult. He sent me right from his office to Boone for some X-rays and that is where my story started.

flowers and signEveryone in X-ray was amazing and Dr. Brummett looked at my X-ray and knew right away there was a problem.  So he did not send me on my way and make me wait to hear from Dr. Pitt. Knowing that I drove two hours for my appointment, he called Dr. Pitt right then.

I was kept and on Friday, April 19, I had surgery to repair my stomach. From the moment we walked in to that hospital Thursday, I felt like I mattered. I have seen many doctors at home and everyone told me it was nothing and there was nothing wrong. Dr. Pitt was a lifesaver.

I had my surgery and it was worse than they thought once they got in there. After I was out of the OR , according to my husband, Dr. Pitt sat and talked to my husband and my mother-in-law and answered all their questions.

My first night in the surgery floor in room S526 was terrible.  The NG tube made me so sick, but my nurse Tony and the tech assigned to me — I wish I remembered her name, it started with an A — they were wonderful. The concern and care they took with me was so wonderful. And my daytime nurse Jill was just a doll!

They made a bad situation bearable with their kindness, concern and Tony’s humor!  I cannot thank them all enough!

I was away from home and in a scary position but they made me at ease. No doubt about it, we will use Boone as much as we can, even with the two hour drive each way!

One Response to From the moment patient walked into the hospital “I felt like I mattered”

  1. deanna duemmel says:

    Doctor Pitt is wonderful and he’s very caring.He cared for my husband.

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