Boone Hospital Center extends flu vaccination through April

With the continued presence of influenza in our community, Boone Hospital Center has extended our flu vaccination season through the end of April.

girl - sickBoone Hospital typically provides flu vaccinations to at-risk patients through the end of March. However, this season’s virus has not yet declined enough to end vaccinations.

To date, the hospital has seen 203 confirmed influenza cases this season, compared to 78 in 2011-2012 and 51 in 2010-2011.

The hospital saw 34 influenza cases in March of 2012 and then two cases in April to end the season last year. This March, the hospital has already seen 35 confirmed cases.

“The influenza season is defined as October to May. For most people, once spring arrives, influenza has left their mind. But this year is proving to be different; we’re still seeing new cases almost every day,” said Dr. Brian Johnson, MD, with Boone Infectious Disease. “If you haven’t yet received your influenza vaccination, we’d still strongly encourage you to take that step, especially if you are over age 65 or have a chronic illness.”

Mid-Missourians interested in receiving a vaccination should contact their physician or their local public health department.

One Response to Boone Hospital Center extends flu vaccination through April

  1. EvanBaldwin says:

    I think its really good move by the Boone Hospital to extend this one…seriously phi-nominal job for the patients.

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