Columbia man loses 100 pounds at Boone Hospital fitness center

By Nicky Zimmermann

Jacob Thomeczek is a native of Columbia and his mother, Sheila, has worked as a Registered Nurse for Boone Hospital Center since the early 1980s.

Jacob Thomeczek

Jacob Thomeczek

Jacob’s journey of fitness began after his mother’s heart surgery in 2010. He would drive his mother to her sessions at WELLAWARE’s Cardiac Rehab program. In May 2011, he decided to start exercising at WELLAWARE’s Fitness Center to get more physical activity. Jacob acknowledged, “I needed to make a change at some point.”

Prior to WELLAWARE, the most Jacob had exercised was walking less than a mile between home and class so he needed something to seize and maintain his attention. He found motivation in listening to audio books and podcasts. He looks forward to listening to the words of the storyteller and the journey on which it takes him. He just finished the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones podcast and is currently listening to a creative version of Moby Dick. He mentioned it helps that the story is read by a variety of people and they’ve incorporated sound effects to make it more appealing.

He didn’t anticipate that over 19 months later, he would still be regularly working out. Jacob has consistently averaged at least four to five times per week since starting at WELLAWARE.

His weight started at approximately 300 pounds and he has lost over 100 pounds. His routine includes cardio such as elliptical or treadmill, three to five days plus lifting weights for three days, per week.

Jacob is a computer gamer, enjoys history, reading on his Kindle, and follows politics. He majored in history and political science at Truman State.

He likes the convenience of WELLAWARE and the friendly people and staff.

“They help point me in the right direction,” Jacob said. “I have really enjoyed my experience down here and people are helpful.”

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