Patient to his caregivers: “You all were God’s instruments”

By Steve Riegert

Steve, of Lake Ozark, shared this story via the online submission form. Click here to share your story.

Well I just celebrated my two-year anniversary of being released from a two-month stay at Boone Hospital.

My many thanks to my doctors and the staff at Boone. One doesn’t realize the dedication and care medical professionals are capable of providing until you have need of that dedication and care.

2012_08_11_9999_316My thanks to Dr. Chapman, Dr Fairlamb and Dr. Grossman. My thanks go out to all the other support doctors, and nurses and technicians. Needless to say, during a 60 day stay, one gets to know all of the care givers on your particular floor, or in my case, different floors.

At the time I could call them by name, could tell you something about their families and in some cases even tell you names of their pets. After all, they did have a captive audience. I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

A special thanks to two of my nurses before and after surgery, while all of the staff treated me like I was their only patient, these two stand out in my mind. Maybe they spent more time with me than any others. Gayle and Hanah. THANKS!!

Then, when I needed rehab, since I needed to learn to walk again, I was sent to the rehab floor. Talk about professionalism and dedication! WOW! Again, everyone on the whole floor was tremendous. My appreciation and thanks go out to the whole staff. I have to mention the four nurses who prepared me to get back into the real world. Theresa, Laura, Patty, and Pat. You know I appreciate you all. Couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Last, but certainly not least, My shout out to the the two male nurses at Lake Regional Hospital, one of whom I am told worked with me to keep me alive December 21, 2010, throughout the night after I collapsed when there was little to no hope of survival.

Brian, Thanks!! The other fellow, whose name I never was able to find out, came running when I pulled the emergency cord in my room as I was going down, losing consciousness. The last thing I remember were your reassuring words, “I’ve got you buddy, you’re going to be OK.” Well, you did, and I was! THANKS!!

Thank you all for allowing God to answer the prayers of my family and friends and friends of family and families of friends as they prayed in earnest as if my life depended on it. Because it did! I would have been praying myself, but I was a bit preoccupied.

You all were God’s instruments.

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