Exercise helps woman after hip and femur fractures

By Nicky Zimmermann

Four years ago, Memphis, Ten., native Betty Grise and husband, Jerry, moved to Columbia to live closer to their son and daughter-in-law. They also, have a son in North Carolina and two grandchildren who are the “love of my life.”

Betty Grise

Betty Grise

After an accident ten years ago, Betty suffered a severe hip fracture and three complete fractures of her femur. The proximal end of her femur “the bone was reduced to powder” and after several bone grafts, plates, five screws, pins in her hip, her surgeon did not give her much hope in walking normally again.

“Marvelous” is synonymous with the orthopedic surgeon who launched Betty’s journey of recovery. She spent three weeks in Baptist Rehabilitation Center after her hospitalization. It was tough road but Betty overcame her extensive injuries. One would never know Betty had an accident and moves freely without the use of any assisted device.

Betty’s daughter-in-law, Laura, is a Physical Therapist for Boone Therapy which shares the fitness center with WELLAWARE. In December 2012, Laura encouraged Betty to come to WELLAWARE for exercise. “I’m so glad I heeded her good advice,” she said.

Betty started exercising with a personal trainer at the end of December 2012. The scheduled visits help keep her enthusiasm. “I love my trainer and I think we are a good match,” she said.

Being able to become reacquainted with friends during exercise at WELLAWARE is another incentive. It is a “real plus!”

Betty is a retired church organist and loves music, especially attending concerts. Faith is an important part of Betty’s life and is a parishioner of the First Presbyterian Church. She is a substitute organist and plays piano at various events.

Betty’s husband Jerry is a retired radiologist who spent 38 years with Methodist Hospital in Memphis. An avid exerciser, Jerry provides lots of support and motivation.

Betty is a genuine southern belle and is always up for a pleasant conversation.

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