Employee of the Month values teamwork, service to patients

Peggy Garrett is Boone Hospital Center’s Employee of the Month for March 2013. Click here to nominate someone for Employee of the Month.

Ask Peggy Garrett what makes Boone Hospital Center special, and she can boil it down to one word: Teamwork.

Peggy Garrett EOM March 2013

Peggy Garrett

As an environmental services tech on Boone Hospital’s Oncology Unit, Peggy is charged with keeping the unit clean and safe. But she says the caregivers on her unit are quick to help. In addition, she loves to do whatever she can to help patients and their families.

Everyone simply works together.

“We never think, ‘I’m a nurse and this is what I do,’ or ‘I’m a housekeeper, this is what I do.’ We’re not doing that,” Peggy said. “The teamwork is 100 percent.”

Peggy joined Boone Hospital in 2007 after an 18-year career at 3M. She said she has enjoyed the change of pace, getting to work with people and serving hospital patients.

Peggy grew up in Fulton and moved to Columbia as a teenager where she graduated from Hickman High School. Away from work, she loves spending time with friends and family, including her two sons and two grandchildren.

One of her most prized possessions is a book her coworkers made for her earlier this year. On each page, they wrote messages about Peggy and said how much they appreciate working alongside her.

When Peggy first read it, it brought tears to her eyes.

“It’s priceless,” she said.

3 Responses to Employee of the Month values teamwork, service to patients

  1. Jill Prenger says:

    Peggy is such a great person and works hard every day! This award couldn’t go to a better person!

  2. Beth Hardy says:

    Peggy is awesome. She is always smiling and always quick to help. She is exceptional and a very special person. It made my day when I got to see and talk with her. :)
    Previous employee on 3N

  3. I worked with Peggy at 3M and she is a wonderful lady! Enjoyed being around her. She lifts your spirits without even trying. Definitely a special lady!

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