American Medical Association president shares insight at Boone Hospital

Boone Hospital Center was recently honored with a visit from Dr. Jeremy Lazarus, the president of the American Medical Association.

From left, Dr. Jerry Kennett, Dr. Jeremy Lazarus and Dr. Brian Johnson.

From left, Dr. Jerry Kennett, Dr. Jeremy Lazarus and Dr. Brian Johnson.

Dr. Lazarus was in mid-Missouri meeting with physicians and medical students about the changing health care system and what that means for doctors and health care consumers.

“We think it’s extremely important that physicians take leadership positions as we move to different kinds of payment and delivery systems, reform the health care system and move toward more team-based integrated care,” Dr. Lazarus said.

During his visit to the region, he took the time to tour Boone Hospital and meet with physicians and caregivers on Friday, March 1.

“It’s a beautiful place. It looks like a very up-to-date, modern, sophisticated facility,” he said. “People are smiling and taking care of patients. It’s impressive.”

With the ongoing health care transformation, Dr. Lazarus said health consumers should look forward to being more active players in their personal health.

“In the long run, to decrease the cost of health care in this country, it’s going to need to be a partnership,” Dr. Lazarus said. “Patients need to be educated and aware of what they need to do to take care of themselves. Physicians and health systems need to work with them to make sure that happens so we can have a healthier population.”


Dr. Jerry Kennett shows Dr. Jeremy Lazarus the main lobby at Boone Hospital Center.

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