Crafty fifth graders raise more than $1,100 for Intensive Care Nursery

A group of fifth grade students at Columbia’s Shepard Elementary School have raised $1,137 for Boone Hospital Center’s Intensive Care Nursery.

Money jarThe students spent dozens of hours making crafts and selling them to their peers before school this week. The hand-made items ranged in price from $1 bookmarks to $4 extra-large hair bows.

Emma Goodlet and Megan Pilant came up with the idea and were joined by 10 other girls in their grade. Emma, who made duct tape accessories, hair bows, wallets and bracelets said the response from their classmates was overwhelming.

“I sold out on the first day and I had to go home and make more,” she said.

The girls said it felt good to work to benefit others.

“I like doing this kind of stuff. And it’s fun, too,” said Megan, who made bows, headbands, wallets and pot holders.

Today was the last day of their sale. The girls had a table set up just inside the main entrance with their merchandise. Many students arrived at school with cash in hand and swarmed the table.


Barb Danuser, executive director of the Boone Hospital Foundation, watched as the students purchased the fashion accessories and other homemade items.

“This is wonderful, I’m so impressed with what they’ve done,” Danuser said.

The generous donation will help the Boone Hospital Foundation purchase items for the Intensive Care Nursery such as Giraffe beds, recliners for parents and infant SleepSacks.

Parents said they were proud of what their girls had accomplished.

Chris Marks said his daughter Madison spent much of her free time recently making earrings for the sale.

“I couldn’t even tell you how many hours,” he said. “Every minute she has free she is making them.”

Katie Goodlet, mother of Emma, said she was proud as well.

“It think it’s great. She has a big heart,” she said. “She said it’s her first step toward being president.”

Group shot

One Response to Crafty fifth graders raise more than $1,100 for Intensive Care Nursery

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you girls for all of your hard work!! Our NICU Boone babies and their families will certainly appreciate your donation and what it will provide for them. Great job!!

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