Patient’s family praises individualized care

By Lilie Galloway

Lilie, of Hannibal, shared this story via the online submission form. Click here to share your story.

“Oh, I sure hope Judy comes back tonight,” said my mom who was in the cardiac surgery step-down floor this past week.

Sure enough, at shift change we could hear Judy’s contagious chuckle ringing down the hall as she approached her room. Judy McGhee has been such a joy to be with this past week. She has offered excellence in standard nursing care but it was the laughter, the individualized care, and the true concern in answering our questions about a myriad of issues that separated her from the rest of the high quality staff.

We had the pleasure of watching her mentor a wonderful new little nurse named Christine … a lucky young nurse to be given such a fine experienced medical professional.

Thank you Judy!

The Lilie Galloway Family

One Response to Patient’s family praises individualized care

  1. Cindy Carter says:

    Way to go, Judy. So proud to be one of your co-workers.

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