A fine specimen — Custom artwork brightens hospital laboratory

The artwork near Boone Hospital Center’s Laboratory is a fine specimen of how everyday objects can be transformed into thought-provoking artwork.

The multiple installations use typical lab equipment — test tubes, petri dishes, syringes, urine cups — to create large collages full of color and texture.

Local artists Josie Sullivan and Candace Martin created the pieces. Each of the individual panels were inspired by different forms of laboratory work such as hematology, histology, microbiology and chemistry. The panels were painted and arranged to depict various diseases specific to these different lab specialties.

“Actually, these diseases are beautiful under a microscope,” Sullivan said.

The laboratory professionals who pass by the art each day appreciate the artists’ attention to detail.

“It’s very lab-specific and very well thought out,” said Brenda Dolan, Laboratory director. “We use these items every day. We don’t think of them as artwork. So for someone to put them together and make these amazing collages, we all thought it was very neat.”

The pieces were originally made for the YouZeum and were sponsored by Boyce and Bynum Pathology Laboratory.

When the YouZeum closed, the art was donated to the hospital, which had them restored and reframed with backlighting.

Sullivan said she is glad to have her work displayed at Boone Hospital where she once had brain surgery to remove a tumor.

“All the nurses were just wonderful,” she said. “Boone Hospital has been great to me. I love Boone Hospital.”

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