Mother and daughter lose 225 pounds through weight loss surgery

Mother and daughter Kathy Rufener and Wendi Wood have both had their lives transformed by a special surgery that aids weight loss.

Kathy Rufener and Wendi Wood

Combined, they have lost more than 225 pounds.

Both women had a special gastric banding surgery to help them lose weight. Today, they each have a Lap-Band on their stomachs. The band reduces the capacity of each of their stomachs and helps them get full faster and stay full longer.

While Rufener struggled with weight her entire life, Wood was thin as a child and teen but later gained weight when she had children.

Over time, both women felt the effects of obesity. They had less energy, had a harder time moving around and Kathy was put on medications to help control weight-related illnesses.

Seeking to make a change, four years ago Wood and Rufener attended a Weight Loss Surgery seminar together at Boone Hospital Center.

Rufener watched as her daughter decided to have the surgery and began shedding weight. Wood’s body and health completely changed as she lost 175 pounds.

Seeing her daughter’s success eventually convinced Rufener and her husband that it was time for her to have the surgery as well.

Rufener took advantage of a special limited time offer at Boone Hospital to have the gastric band placed for just $9,500. Financing options are also available.

To date, she’s already lost more than 50 pounds and is nearing her personal goal.

“I feel so much lighter,” Rufener said. “Now I can’t imagine walking around with those 50 pounds on me.”

The weight loss has also helped her reduce and eliminate some of her medications.

For Rufener and Wood, their weight loss success has been a great bonding experience.

“If it wasn’t for her getting involved in the first place I probably would have never done it,” said Rufener.

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