Inspired By Care, Nurse Joins Boone Family

By Shannon Whitney

Emily Roberts was a nurse for four years at her previous job, but when she delivered her twin daughters at 29 weeks, her perspective changed.

Roberts’ twins spent nine weeks in the Boone Hospital Center Intensive Care Nursery (ICN) and the care impacted her family in more way than one.

“The physicians were really good. The nurses were all really knowledgeable,” recalls Roberts. “We felt like we got really good care when our girls were born here.”

For a short time, her twins were sent to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for special care.

“Dr. O’Connor, one of the neonatologists, really fought for the girls to come back here when we didn’t need to be in St. Louis, so we could be close to home. I thought that was going above and beyond,” said Roberts.

The Roberts enjoyed all of the space the unit provided for their family to bond during the tough time. The recliners were perfect for holding her daughters. During her stay at Boone with her daughters and husband, Roberts talked to the nurses. She learned about their experience and was impressed by the staff.

“The biggest part was seeing a place where you could tell people like to work here,” said Roberts. “People had worked here for a long time and there’s always a reason for people to stay.”

When Roberts’ maternity leave ended, she realized she wasn’t excited to go back to work. Instead, she applied at Boone Hospital and got a job in the ICN.

“It was a pretty easy transition because we had gotten to know a lot of the nurses when we were here with the girls as patients,” explained Roberts. “It’s nice to be able to update them on how the girls are doing.”

Since December, Roberts has been taking care of Boone Babies, in addition to her own. She has a family picture taken in Boone’s ICN on the back of her badge to show parents that she understands their struggle.

“I can talk to the parents now who are in the ICN and tell to them about our experience. I have a different perspective than most of the nurses in the unit because I’ve been there,” said Roberts.

Roberts is happy that her daughters are healthy, and she is satisfied with her new job at Boone Hospital. She says the change was the right thing to do and she’s excited to learn new things everyday at work.

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