Celebrating Service — Awards recognize outstanding work, employee milestones

Boone Hospital Center’s annual Service Awards Banquet filled the Lela Raney Hall to capacity on Friday, March 9, 2012. Employees from every department gathered to enjoy an evening complete with an awards ceremony naming Employee of the Year and Leader of the Year.

Employee of the Year: Chuck Lennox

House Orderly

Chuck Lennox first came to Boone Hospital Center as a visitor when his girlfriend’s dad had a stroke. After seeing the care at Boone and the small-town feel of Columbia, he decided to move here.

He now shares his infectious smile as a house orderly transporting patients to and from tests, treatments and procedures. As he walks all over the hospital, he makes friendly small talk with each patient. That caring attitude makes him stand out as an employee.

“The most exciting thing about my job is cheering the patients up,” Chuck said. “I like to have them laughing. They laugh a lot and I think that’s like medicine. It makes them feel at home.”

Lennox and his loving wife Kim enjoy living in Columbia and being part of the Boone family. He loves reading novels and you can usually find one in his back pocket, ready for his next break.

“This award is not about be, for there is no ‘I’ in team,” said Lennox. “And we at Boone are a team.”

Leader of the Year: Bethany Abeln, CPA


Bethany Abeln’s look of surprise was priceless as Dan Rothery read her introduction as Leader of the Year. She was even more shocked when her family joined her on stage to congratulate her.

Abeln is originally from Salisbury, Mo. but now lives in Columbia with her husband and two children. She has worked at Boone for the past 17 years.

“I like Boone because of the people I work with and the learning opportunities it has to offer,” said Abeln.

She said she loves seeing the impact of her work on patients and being able to work with others on a daily basis. Abeln hand-created tools for the hospital to better manage labor on the floors. She regularly sits down with nurses and other healthcare professionals to explain the budget.

Betty Hughes- 45 Years of Service

Patient Accounts

As Boone Hospital Center celebrated its 90th birthday, Betty Hughes celebrated her 45th anniversary of working at Boone. She started when she was 15-and-a-half and has worked all over the hospital since. She now works in Patient Accounts helping people settle their bills with the hospital.

“A good collector is a good listener,” shared Hughes. “You have to put yourself in their position so you really understand their problems.”

Originally from Fayette, Hughes and her husband of 45 years live in Columbia. They love spending time with their five grand kids (and one more one the way) as well as camping at the Landing at Mark Twain Lake. She plans to retire in five years if she can. Hughes is so grateful for Boone’s caring attitude toward her and her family.

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