Boone saves mother following rare placenta percreta delivery

By Elissa Routh

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Well, it has been just over a year since what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of mine and my husband’s lives turned into one of the scariest.

Elissa Routh's daughter, Taylor Cheyenne.

It has been a long year, I have one more kid then before, bigger and more scars, and my body, especially the lower half, does not feel like a 26 year old’s but I, however, am still here, able to watch my kids grow and be with my friends and family.

February 28, 2011, I started having contractions, something I had never experienced before even though I had two boys already. They had to be delivered by C-section and so I never actually felt the “real” contractions before.

I called my husband and told him he may have to leave work early and I had talked to Dr. Boulicault who told me if they did not go away in an hour after lying down and drinking some water, then I should probably head up to Columbia.

Well they did not go away and so my husband came home and we headed that way. He kept asking if I was going to make it since it was an hour and a half drive and I said, “Yes, just get there.”

I remember getting to the hospital and was nervous, knowing I was going to have another C-section and it was not scheduled for another 3 weeks or so.

About an hour after I got checked in they wheeled me into OR and the next thing I know my husband is there with me. It was taking longer then I remembered which made me nervous and I remember hearing the doctor keep saying to get a hold of another doctor.

My doctor was not there because she had gone home already.

Then I heard our daughter cry and they asked my husband to come see her, as he was walking away my head started spinning like crazy.

I remember getting sick and told the anesthesiologist that my head didn’t feel right, she said “you are losing some blood” then I saw her going to put something in my IV.

I remember saying out loud “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die,” and then I woke up in ICU the next day.

I was told I was in surgery five hours and that my placenta had grown into my bladder and when they pulled it out it ripped my bladder open and they could not get the bleeding to stop.

It was called placenta percreta and the chances of it happening were like one in a million.

They said I had gone through 17 pints of blood and that they still had no idea what could happen.

They had done a hysterectomy but left one ovary. I know I was still not out of the clear for a few days but I was moved to a normal room; it was the longest two weeks ever, but I am thankfully still alive.

I wanted to thank all of the doctors and nurses that took care of me while I was at Boone. I was born there and had all my kids there.

It is a great hospital and I feel that if my husband and I would not have made it up there or would have gone to the hospital closer to us I would not be here today because honestly they just do not have the resources or the doctors to handle a situation like I faced.

I do not remember everyone that helped while I was there and I am sure my family remembers more that I could because they were awake for more of it but I thank everyone.

Ann V. was one of my day nurses many times and she really helped me get through some tough days, there were many times I felt like I was taking so many steps backwards instead of getting better and she helped me through that.

All of my nurses really were great and I am really sorry that I cannot remember all of their names, there was so much going on and I am not good at remembering anyway but they all did a great job and I appreciate everything they did to help me out and get through my time there.

I am extremely happy to be alive and even though my body sometimes does not feel like that of a 26 year old, I will live with the pain and memories over not being here any day of the week. I am sure I will never feel quit the same and I have more hurdles to conquer but I will face them as they come.

I hope that no one ever has to go through what happened to me and would love for people to be more aware of the topic because it seems as though women are having more C-sections these days when it is not absolutely necessary.

It can cause damage in the long run and women should know the side effects, along with if they have had multiple C-sections then I feel more ultrasounds should be done to check things out.

If I would not have had to had a C-section the first time I would not have done so or gotten one later.

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