Serving in Qatar, father witnesses birth of first son

Leia Asbury holds her son, James Henry, as father Joseph Asbury watches on Skype from Qatar.

By Leia Asbury

Leia, of Centralia, is a former Boone Hospital Center employee and shared this letter and photo about the birth of her son, James Henry Asbury. Thanks to Skype, father Joseph Asbury was able to witness the birth while he served Qatar. James joins two sisters, Abbygale, 4, and Katelynn, 2. Click here to share your story.

I just wanted to thank you and your staff. Cheryl Rowland and Tami Held delivered all three of our children and each time did such a wonderful job.

In November, I delivered our third child, which was a boy, and my husband watched via Skype.

Cheryl and Tami were so awesome. Of course, I knew them from my time there at Boone but it wouldn’t have mattered. They helped me and made my delivery wonderful, even in the absence of my husband’s physical state!

I’m so thankful for modern technology, the Skype worked great. I want to give Tami a special thanks for taking all the pictures. She did a fantastic job. We couldn’t have taken better ones ourselves.

And I would also like to thank Cheryl for being so compassionate and understanding with me. She eased my pain and was there for me when my husband couldn’t be.

I would like to share a very special picture with her and Cheryl. I’ve enclosed the first picture of our first son and his dad. Tami took this picture and I am so grateful for her.

This picture is still my husband’s Facebook photo! It is very dear to us.

Please give Cheryl and Tami copies. You have two amazing team members.

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