Erica’s Costa Rica Trip Days 1 & 2

Erica Manley is a unit secretary on Cardiology and in the ICU here at Boone. She’s a nursing major at the University of Missouri and is traveling to Costa Rica on a medical mission trip January 3-14, 2012.

Jan 3, 2012-Today we just got to Costa Rica around 11 pm. I am beat! I am super excited to be here and I am ready for an adventure. I have already learned something new from here, cucumbers on hamburgers are AMAZING. I don’t even like cucumbers but on a hamburger I can handle it. Tomorrow we start orientation and go over Spanish a little bit, but since it’s already 12:30am I better get some rest before I have to wake up at 7:30am. I’m looking forward to a great trip!

Jan 4, 2012
-Today was a pretty fun day. We started off by having an amazing rice and bean breakfast with toast (never thought I would eat that for breakfast and like it), and then we had one of the doctors here give us a medical presentation of how clinics will be set up. We got to practice our vital signs and obtaining medical history skills with each other, which turned out to be a great way to get to know the 14 other girls. We had a Spanish medical terminology learning session as well today, then finished our day with learning Latin dances and a nice group dinner. Tomorrow is the first day we make house visits and set up clinic so it will be a busy and interesting day to learn new skills and meet the Costa Rican people.

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