With God’s help and a warrior’s heart

By Sam Fleury

Sam, of Jefferson City, shared the following story about his wife, Annie. Click here to share your story.

“You’ve come this far, why stop now?”

Never have those words been truer than during the days, weeks and months following March 15, 2011. God has been so good to us and the prayers of family, friends and the graciousness of everyone the last six months has blown us away.

Sam and Annie Fleury

With that said, I wanted to tell Annie’s (my wife) story to give you a better understanding of the fight she has displayed and the obstacles she has overcome.

She came in to Boone Hospital on Monday morning, March 14, for a routine gall bladder removal/hernia repair. The surgery went well and all seemed to be progressing accordingly on the surface, but internally, something was not right.

Starting around 8:30 p.m. on the 14th, she said continuously that she did not feel right and as her pain increased and her blood pressure decreased. Her surgery team came back in around 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 15.

The outstanding staff at the hospital recognized she was experiencing internal bleeding and she would have to be taken back into the operating room to locate the issue. She was in such pain and her lungs were locking up and we eventually found out she was drowning in her own blood.

Dr. Suppes (her surgeon) came out of the OR around 7 a.m. and said they extracted 6 units of blood from her abdomen, but they were unable to locate the source of the bleed. However, she was confident Annie would be able to stabilize. We were relived beyond words, but things went downhill quickly again.

Annie began bleeding internally once again and eventually was functioning entirely on transfused blood. She had little to no blood pressure at one time or another during the next three hours, but she continued to fight and the team of doctors continued to work their tails off.

At one point, they had 10-12 doctors, nurses and staff working on her including Dr. Wade Schondelmeyer, Dr. Muhammed Jarbou, Dr. Mike Trendle, nurse Heather Bisges and so many more. She says she thought at one point she had died, but they kept working their miracle and something kept her here.

We honestly believe it was the thoughts and prayers of all of our friends and family that were there that morning that kept her with us. She has so much fight and has so much to live for (kids, me, family, friends and great culinary dishes she hasn’t dreamed up yet) that she has been and is making remarkable steps toward complete recovery.

We have known that she has some sort of connective tissue/blood disorder the last two-and-a-half years, but have treated those issues accordingly thanks to the work of all of her doctors and the perseverance of friends and family.

This series of unfortunate events has been a test for us and will continue to be as we work toward increasing her strength and endurance and reducing the pain she is in on a daily basis. However, we have also drawn inspiration and increased faith during this journey and it has shown us that we need to enjoy each and every day together.

Her battle continues, but she has the heart of a warrior and the backing of so many. Thanks for your continued prayers and we have come this far, and have no plans of stopping now!

2 Responses to With God’s help and a warrior’s heart

  1. Mary Kay Mahler says:

    I was very touched, Sam, by your story about Annie’s journey. My prayer is that God will continue to heal Annie, and provide all of your family with the strength and love to help each other throughout all of this. Love you!!

  2. Laurie says:

    You and Annie are an inspiration. It is a difficult journey that we sometimes have to take but God has always been there and he will continue to watch over your family as well. God Bless you.

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