Boone’s grass will be “greener” with new rainwater system

This morning, Boone Hospital joined the rain barrel movement — big time.

harvesting tank

Boone Hospital's new 30,000 gallon rainwater harvesting tank.

In recent years, more people have started using rain barrels as an environmentally-friendly way to water their yards and flowers.

The specialized barrels collect and store rainwater for irrigation — meaning homeowners don’t have to use up fresh tap water for gardening purposes.

While a typical rain barrel holds about 54 gallons, Boone Hospital’s new “barrel” will hold 30,000 gallons of rainwater.

Crews lowered the huge rainwater harvesting tank into the ground this morning. Soon it will be joined by an additional 4,000-gallon filter system to filter the rainwater before it enters the 30,000-gallon harvesting tank.

The tanks will collect storm water and store it to irrigate the hospital’s grass and landscaped features.

When completed this year, Boone’s new patient tower will be one of Missouri’s first hospitals built according to LEED standards.

In addition to the rainwater harvesting system, Boone’s LEED plan contains a number of green landscaping ideas:

  • The landscaping will function as a natural system with native Missouri trees, plantings and grasses.
  • Bioswales planted with native grasses will help stop erosion, soak up and filter storm water runoff and provide food and cover for wildlife.
  • Large canopy shade trees will be planted around the parking lot, along William Street and near all paved areas to provide protective shade, comfort, windbreak and absorb rainwater.

    new patient tower

    The rainwater harvesting tank sits below ground just to the north of the new pedestrian bridge over William Street.

2 Responses to Boone’s grass will be “greener” with new rainwater system

  1. Kasha Juda says:

    Kasha Juda…

    […]Boone’s grass will be “greener” with new rainwater system «[…]…

  2. This is great thinking by Boone Hospital to store rain water for harvesting purpose.It helps to maintain plants for long time without spend extra money.

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