Stroke patient: “Thank you, Boone Hospital. You truly did give me back my life.”

The following article was written by David Fansler, who recovered from a stroke at Boone Hospital Center.

I had a stroke on May 28, paralyzing my right side completely. I was air-lifted to Boone Hospital Center from the Lake of the Ozarks.

Maggie Allee and David Fansler

Boone Hospital Center Occupational Therapist Maggie Allee works with David Fansler as he recovers from a stroke.

En route, being strapped in horizontally inside the chopper, I could view below the vast expanse of pasture, woods and farmland and wondered, “How could this happen to me? I’m healthy!”

Upon landing at the hospital, I was quickly taken to the ER, and all sorts of needles, tubes and other monitoring equipment were fastened to me. The ER people, I felt, were trying hard to keep me alive. I then was transferred to the MICU, where the care was excellent. One week later, I was released to the Stroke Rehab Unit where I learned to walk, talk and use my right arm and hand again.

Through unidentifiable pain and anguishing fatigue of my right arm, I lifted a two-pound weight. I thank the Lord for my trust in the therapists who got me through the really hard part, “the beginning.” In time, I was able to raise my right arm above my head and then again with a weight in my hand. Gradually, the fingers remembered to move up and down, making a fist and opening up the hand.

We reminded the right leg (through electro-shock therapy) what it was supposed to do. My success is summed up in the one activity it all boils down to — rehabilitation. This is what it is all about. DON’T STOP! DON’T QUIT!

At Boone Hospital, the therapists won’t let you down. They get into your face and keep you working because this is your new job. I had promised myself that I would walk out of the hospital by July 4. I walked out on July 2. Through tenacious and repetitive movements, all of my fingers move.

My hand gains speed and dexterity weekly. The right foot and ankle were the slowest to respond. Around Sept. 5, my toes actually raised mainly due to leg lifts and daily ligament stretching I forced myself to do. This means that when my ankle finally articulated on its own without the ankle-foot orthosis, it was the first time I felt hope that my natural stride might return.

I hear from many that my progress has been remarkable compared to some. I attribute this progress and attitude/agreement to continue to be a gift that was given me by my physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, doctors, nurses and others who I had the fortune of making their acquaintance at Boone Hospital Center during this unthinkable adventure into the disabling, humiliating, despairing and helpless event called a stroke.

Thank you, Boone Hospital. You truly did give me back my life.

4 Responses to Stroke patient: “Thank you, Boone Hospital. You truly did give me back my life.”

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  2. Kay Mwasumbi says:

    September 16th 2009 I walked through tha labor and delivery doors being 33 week pregnant. Dr Kevin Jones who is my doctor instructed me to drive straight to L&D unit after an office visit with him that afternoon with my temp of above 100.7 after I checked in I was started on IV fluids and Tylenol hoping to bring my temperature down but that did not happen so I spent a night with IV fluids and a baby monitor.Our child”s heart rate was in between 160’s-200’s throughout the night. I rembember early thursday morning the 17th Dr Jones came and said we have to get the baby out she could be in distress because her heart rate is high. I cried! because it came to soon I thought I needed the 3-4 more weeks to prepare for her arrival. Later that morning at 1024 we had our baby Natasha Victoria in our arm. To say the least the nurses in general inspired me and the services of this great hospital I had a wonderful experience at boone and proudly joined the hospital as Flex RN four months later and am still enjoying the great work environment of this hospital.

  3. Ardis says:

    Hi! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

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